With your Mobile Device you can always be “Downtown”

One of the mobile versions of Blackjack is the version that was the standard game played at the “downtown” casinos before the Strip sprouted up out of the desert.  Its full name is quite a mouthful: Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold but the game itself is a joy to play.  Now that you can play blackjack on your phone or tablet, you can, almost literally, carry the casino with you and play whenever you have the chance.  No more boring waits at government bureaucracies or doctor’s offices!  And with the latest tablets that have just come on the market, the resolution makes playing blackjack on tablets a true pleasure!

Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold may be the most popular mobile blackjack for Canadians as it is available at many casinos that cater to us Canadians.  These mobile and online casinos enable you to play blackjack (and all the other casino games, of course!) in Canadian dollars.

A Short Primer on Blackjack

We expect that most people have played blackjack, but we come across new players every day so, for them, we present this short tutorial based on the rules that apply to Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold.

The dealer deals two cards to each player.  If you’re playing at a live casino, either land-based or while you are playing one of the mobile versions of blackjack in the mobile casino’s live room, there will usually be other players at the table.  Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold gives you the option of playing multiple hands.

The two cards dealt to the players are shown.  The dealer also gets two cards, one up and one down.  The players now play their cards first.  This is one of the most important aspects of blackjack and it accounts for almost all of the house’s advantage.

The object for all players, including the dealer, is to get as close as possible to 21 without going over.  Whoever goes over 21 loses immediately.  This applies to the dealer as well.  But the dealer goes last, after all players have played.  So, players must decide to “hit” (take another card) or “stick” (stand pat) based on their closeness to 21 and the dealer’s up card.

The cards have their face value.  Picture cards are 10 points also.  Aces can be 1 or 11.  There are 16 cards worth 10 points.  So, many players stick at all times with 12 points or more.  This is poor strategy for a couple of reasons.  First, because there are also 36 cards that will get you closer to 21!

When it’s the dealer’s turn to play, he, she, or it (the Random Number Generator is sexless) must hit on 16 points or fewer and stick on 17.  In Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold, the dealer also hits on “soft 17”.  This means that dealer has an ace and a six.  This rule is a boon to players because many would have stuck on a point count less than 17.

So, if you see that dealer is showing a 7, 8, 9, 10, picture card, or ace, it is poor strategy to stick on 12, 13, and possibly 14.

Counting Cards

Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold is played with two decks which are shuffled after every hand.  If you play multi-hand (playing as several players) and can remember all the cards that have been played, you can make an educated guess as to the efficacy of hitting or sticking at any given moment.


In Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold you can “split cards”.  This means turning a pair into two hands.  In this game, you can split three times, making four hands except in the case of aces which you can split only once.  The dealer cannot split cards. 

Double Down

In Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold you can also double down, meaning to double your bet and then to receive one card only.  This is a good play depending on what card the dealer is showing.  In Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold you can also double after splitting!  Most blackjack versions don’t give you this option.


If the dealer has an ace showing he asks the players if they want insurance.  If you take insurance and the dealer has 21, “blackjack”, the dealer returns both your wager plus your insurance payment.  If the dealer doesn’t have blackjack, you lose your insurance payment.

Players Always Win with Blackjack

If the dealer has a ten or a picture card she looks surreptitiously at her down card.  If it’s an ace, she declares blackjack and takes the losing bets.  This saves players money as none lost by splitting or doubling down.

In Mobile Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold ties are called a “push”: no one wins.  The exception is when both a player and the dealer have blackjack.  In that case, the player wins!


If you play multi-hand, you can make different wagers on the different hands.  The minimum bet is five credits and the maximum is 200 credits.

The Mood

There is soft dinner club music in the background mixed with the sounds of a casino.  This adds a touch of elegance to the game.  The dealer speaks in a very pleasant tone, especially when you get blackjack.  So, take a spin “downtown”.  We’re sure you’ll enjoy the “ride”!