Ukash Deposit Method

The Ukash Deposit Method an internationally accepted evoucher that casino gamers can use to make their casino deposits and withdraw winnings.  When you use Ukash you'll have an easy and convenient Internet bank that provides you with access to your funds at any time and from any location, regardless of where you're located.  

Millions of clients use Ukash to make and collect payments, both online and offline, thanks to the convenient Ukash Deposit Method. Ukash is one of the deposit methods which is supported by the Canadian banking system which recognizes the evoucher as a safe and secure method for conducting private online transactions. Using Ukash assures you of a dependable digital banking solution that doesn't create any link that might connect your gambling activities to your personal finances. As soon as you load up your evoucher card you'll be able to enjoy real money gambling fun.

eWallets in Canadian Dollars

Ukash cards are available for online casino gambling deposits and withdrawals as ewallets in Canadian dollars. You can conduct all of your online banking transactions in Canadian currency with Ukash which converts Canadian dollars to and from any other currency at a competitive exchange rate. When you purchase your Ukash card you'll indicate your preferred currency and Ukash will automatically facilitate all of your ebanking transactions in Canadian dollars.

Ukash eVoucher Card

You can conduct all of your casino payments through the Ukash evoucher card. Using Ukash allows you to make your deposits to the casino and access the funds in your online account whenever and from wherever you want. Ukash operates as an evoucher so all of your transactions are tracked digitally. As you move your funds to the casino bank, withdraw your winnings back onto your card or use your winnings for any preferred online or offline purchases, your balance will be monitored electronically by Ukash.  There are no processing fees for using Ukash so you can access your card for free at any of the thousands of Canadian Ukash vendors. Ukash cards can be purchased at convenience stores, ATMS and kiosks as well as through online merchants. On the Ukash website you'll see the convenient "Finder" tool which allows you to locate the Ukash vendor who's closest to you.

Getting Started

After you acquire your Ukash card from your local distributor you can load it with any amount of money. Tell the Ukash card vendor the amount of funds that you want to load into your card and he'll take care of the rest. You can load your card with cash, by transferring funds from your credit or debit card or via a wire transfer from your local bank account.  

When you're ready to start using your Ukash card to play real money casino games, navigate to the casino banking page where you'll see a list of casino banking alternatives. Select "Ukash" as your preferred payment option. Alternately, after you select your first game, get ready to make your first deposit by clicking "Ukash" when the casino asks you to choose a ebank option. Regardless of where and when you create the link, the casino will automatically link your casino account to your Ukash prepaid card. You can use the Ukash payment method for any preferred casino game including for video poker, slots machines, table games, card games or online lotteries.

The first time that you use your Ukash card at the casino, you'll be asked to type in a 19-digit voucher code to complete your first transaction. You'll find the code printed on your Ukash card. This is the only time that the casino will ask you to submit this code – all subsequent transactions will be facilitated automatically. Your online casino account will stay linked to your Ukash card permanently unless you decide to change your ebanking method. If you want to make a change, inform the casino via the casino support line of your request for a change in your ebanking method and the casino will make the change.   

Gambling According to Your Needs and Expectations

Ukash allows you to conduct your gambling activities according to your needs and expectations. With Ukash you have the choice of gambling with the entire value of the Ukash voucher or wagering only a percentage of the card's value. If, after you've finished your gaming session, you have credits remaining on your card's balance, or if you withdraw your earnings onto your card, your new balance will be displayed on a "change voucher" notification which you'll receive via email or SMS. 

You can use your Ukash card at any time of the day or night. If you're playing at the online casino from home you can connect your Ukash account to your casino account via the downloaded casino software on your laptop or desktop console. If you're traveling within Canada or outside of the country, you'll be able to conduct all of your digital banking transactions by linking your Ukash account with your casino account on any Internet browser.

If you're a mobile user you can open your casino account on your mobile screen and play for real money with your Ukash evoucher card. Ukash supports cable, cellular and WiFi connectivity so can enjoy fast-paced, real money gaming events at anytime, anywhere.