For everyone who loves to play mobile slots, we are happy to tell you that the classic video slot, Sure Win, has been reworked to accommodate your mobile device.  Sure Win Mobile Slots has all the excitement of the desktop version of the online casino plus now you can play it anytime, anywhere.  No longer will you have to flip through a five year old magazine while waiting at the doctor's office!  As more and more people are expanding their collection of mobile devices, you can enjoy great definition while playing slots on tablet or on your cell phone.   Of all the casino games outfitted for mobile, perhaps slots for tablet are your best choice given the amazingly high definition you get with the newest tablets.  

The top mobile casinos allow you to play Sure Win Mobile Slots and all other mobile games in CAD.  There was a time that we had to convert our Canadian dollars but that time is long gone!

The Game Set-up

Sure Win Mobile Slots is a 5-reel video slot with 25 paylines.  Sure Win is all about the mood at the racetrack, beginning with the trumpet’s call to the horses to enter the starting gate.  In order to best effect the mood of a racetrack, the developers, the great Microgaming gaming software house, decided to eschew background music in favor of background “noise”.  No matter where you are, when you take advantage of a free moment to play Sure Win Mobile Slots, you’ll feel as though you are deep within the belly of your local racetrack!

The Symbols

There are three horses, all humorously-drawn, and three jockeys, drawn to show the fighting spirit of the racetrack.  You won’t understand why there are three distinct horses and three distinct jockeys until you get to the bonus rounds - and you will get to the bonus rounds as Sure Win is very generous when it comes to the bonuses.

The other basic symbols are a daily racing sheet, a jockey’s helmet, binoculars, and a trophy.

Wild Symbol

The Sure Win logo is the Wild.  Any win involving a Wild is tripled both in the regular game and in the bonus games.  The horses also celebrate when a Wild is involved in a win by racing five abreast across the track!  Five Wilds are worth a $7000 jackpot.

Scatter Symbol

This is a shadowy character familiar to everyone who frequents the racetrack.  He is called the bookie by some or the tout by others.  A bookie gives bettors credit and a tout claims to have information that no one else has.   The animation and caricature of this odd character are funny and sinister at the same time.  He hisses to get your attention; then he gives a wink that could be seen from across the grandstands.  No subtlety here!   He has the thick, wavy hair of a movie leading man but the pencil thin moustache of the underworld.

The Scatter pays in any position unlike the other symbols that pay from left to right.  The Sure Win Mobile Slots “cash register” rings up a win when even two Scatters appear.  Three Scatters send you to the coveted Bonus Round.

Bonus Play

When you reach the Bonus Area you once again see the three horses and three jockeys.  You must choose one pair to ride for you in the bonus area.  They each offer a combination of free spins plus a multiplier.  The more free spins you choose the lower the multiplier.  Here are the options:

  • 12 free spins come with a 4x multiplier.
  • 16 free spins come with a 3x multiplier.
  • 24 free spins give you a 2x multiplier

In the blogs and forums, players debate whether to take the higher multiplier or the larger number of free spins.  No consensus has been reached so the choice is truly yours!

Finally, as a reward for reaching the Bonus Area, the background noise of the regular game becomes the William Tell Overture, known throughout the world as the Lone Ranger Theme.  Some players always choose the most free spins just to hear the music for the longest period of time!

Gamble Extra Feature

After every win you will be given the chance to gamble in order to double or quadruple your winning play.  You can decline the offer, of course.  If you accept the offer you click on “gamble”.   If you guess the color of a randomly chosen card, you double your winnings.  If you guess the suit correctly, you quadruple your winning.

Line Bets

You can bet as little as 0.01 per line up to $5.00 per line.  You decide both the coin size and the number of coins per line.

Auto Play

If you want to play without too much exertion or if you just want to rest your hand after a long day with your mouse you can choose auto play.  You can end auto play any time simply by clicking “stop”.  You can play from 5 spins to 500 spins on auto play and you can set auto play to shut itself off at a given level of winnings.

Follow the Sound of the Trumpet

Come to the racetrack for an exciting ride.  The guileful characters of the racetrack and the silly-looking horses will certainly give you much fun while you’re there.  And the Lone Ranger, on his gallant horse, Silver, will ride with you in the Bonus Area!