Secret Santa Online Slots 

It isn’t hard to figure out why Secret Santa online slots is one of the favourite online slots for Canadians.  If you go online to play slots in Canada at all this cold winter, we recommend you play Secret Santa.  Secret Santa exudes warmth and, in a generally cold clime such as Canada, it provides more than a bit of welcome relief.  Secret Santa online slots is really all about giving and it gives and gives and gives.  In fact, Secret Santa slots has 1024 ways to win in the basic game plus seven, yes seven, very special bonus games that come up at random and are all potentially big winners.  Secret Santa slots is a featured slot in all the casinos where you can play online slots and all other casino games in Canadian dollars.  These days, as more and more online casinos allow you to play in Canadian dollars, Secret Santa slots is the perfect online slots.


As you might expect, the symbols in Secret Santa online slots are all in the spirit of Christmas.  You have the delicious seasonal fruit cake (it looks so good we feel that we’ve tasted it!).  Old Nick is there, of course, as is the beautifully festooned Christmas tree.  There’s a little Teddy Bear to remind us of Christmas past.  The big, juicy turkey whets our appetite and, finally, we can sit by the hearth and warm our hands and feet.  The delightful Christmas colors of green and red mix with the white of snow to evince the spirit of Christmas.  In the background are snow covered rooftops, not overly covered with snow, but just enough to remind us that Christmas in Canada is a snowy time.


When you play online slots, Microgaming doesn't spare the animation either.  When a win involves the roasted turkey symbols, we see the bird being carved.  The best animation is when one of the seven bonuses comes up.  The reels begin to spin really fast and, when they stop, there’s a big box, gorgeously wrapped in red Christmas wrapping paper, a bow on top, and a question mark dangling from the bow.  The box expands and expands until it bursts open with confetti and color, announcing which bonus you’ve won.

Wild and Scatter Symbols

The Secret Santa logo is the wild.  It substitutes for all symbols except the Christmas Cracker which is the Scatter.  Three Scatters pay in all positions and the wins are multiplied by the original wager.  Three scatters pay double the core bet; four Scatters pay five times the bet; and five Scatters pay ten times the base bet.

Five of a Kind Re-spin

This is a unique feature.  Whenever you get a clean five-of-a-kind, one without a Wild, Secret Santa will automatically re-spin and guarantee another five-of-a-kind in a different symbol!

Bonus Games

The most exciting action in Secret Santa Online Slots is in the bonus games.  There are no fewer than seven distinct bonus games.  They come at random and what a delight it is to see Secret Santa so eager to give large cash prizes.  Here is a quick rundown of the seven bonus games:

  • Wild Reels: One, two, or three reels are made Wild as the reels spin.  You can only imagine the possibilities!
  • Wild Boost: One symbol becomes Wild.  This is in addition to the basic Wild, so your chances of winning are much higher!
  • Free Spins:  You get five free spins with a 3x multiplier.
  • Mystery Multiplier:  As the reels spin, you get one of two possible multipliers, either 5x or 10x.
  • Dashing Wilds:  Four symbols are randomly and miraculously transformed into Wilds.  If you thought that Wild Boost was great wait until you get the Dashing Wilds!
  • Scatter Spree:  All symbols become Scatters and pay like the basic Scatter in all positions, with the payout multiplied by the original wager.  It is amazing just how many winning combinations are possible when the symbols pay in all positions.  In this bonus, all the symbols pay out in all positions!
  • Rolling Reels:  The winning symbols are removed from the reels and are replaced by new symbols.  If you continue to have winning combinations, the multiplier goes up to a maximum of 12x.  Even at that lofty amount, you continue to roll the reels until you no longer have a winning combination.

Spirit of Christmas

All of the above is witness to the spirit of giving that is at the core of Secret Santa.  The musical background also is in the spirit of the season.  If you close your eyes, you will imagine that you’re watching a classic Christmas movie from many years ago.

Secret Santa is certainly in a giving mood.  Secret Santa doesn’t reserve his Christmas spirit to just the Christmas season; he’s in a giving mood all the time!  So give Secret Santa online slots a whirl.  Especially during these cold months, Secret Santa is sure to warm you.