It’s True: Play Pharaoh’s Treasure-Everyone Wins At All Slots

Jackpot Factory, a leading group of online casinos, has just announced its new monthly promotion.  Beginning on June 3rd and running until the clock strikes midnight on the 30th, you can play Pharaoh’s Treasure at All Slots Casino, the group’s flagship casino, or at any of the other casinos in the group: All Jackpots, Wild Jack, First Web, and VIP Lounge.  The theme for this promotion is: Pharaoh’s Treasure-Everyone Wins At All Slots!

How Do They Do It?

All Slots always has online casino monthly promotions. How can they create online casino promos in CAD in which everyone wins?  The basic rules are simple.  First of all, the month is divided into eight rounds.  Here is a handy chart to define the time schedule of the eight rounds:

  • Round 1: June 3 at 9:01 through June 6 at 23:59 
  • Round 2: June 7 at 7:01  through June 9 at 23:59 
  • Round 3: June 10 at 7:01  through June 13 at 23:59 
  • Round 4: June 14 at 7:01  through June 16 at 23:59 
  • Round 5: June 17 at 7:01  through June 20 at 23:59 
  • Round 6: June 21 at 7:01  through June 23 at 23:59 
  • Round 7: June 24 at 7:01  through June 27 at 23:59 
  • Round 8: June 28 at 7:01  through June 30 at 23:59

All times listed in the chart are for GMT so you will have to calculate the times in your province.  We recommend putting this schedule in your phone or written calendar because you can win up to three prizes in rounds two through eight and one prize in round one.  One more thing: notice that there are seven hours from the end of one round until the start of the next round so save some, but not all, of your wagers for the next round!

Next, this is how you qualify for a prize.  In order to get your prize you have to unlock a treasure chest.  In the first round you can qualify to unlock one treasure chest.  In all of the subsequent rounds, you can qualify to unlock up to three treasure chests.

Ten Bets Per Game and You’re a Winner

To qualify for one treasure chest, you have to play at least two different games during a round and make at least ten bets on each game. Ten bets is a piece of cake for even the least experienced online gamer.  That's why the theme of this promotion is Pharaoh's Treasure-Everyone wins at All Slots!

To qualify for two treasure chest you need to play at least six games and, once again, make at least ten bets on each game.  That adds up to 60 bets altogether for two treasure chests.

To qualify for three treasure chests you have to play at least eleven different games in the round and, yes, of course, at least ten bets per game.  So, for three chests we need 110 bets in eleven games.

The Treasure Chests Contain your Prizes

You can get free spins on Terminator II, Avalon, or Golden Princess.  If you take your free spins on your mobile device, they will all be for Avalon.  Your prize may be cash instead of free spins.  In that case the prize will be anywhere from 2 to 100 Canadian dollars. There was a time when the USD dominated online casinos but that time has passed.  Now you and your fellow Canadians can win CAD at All Slots, The third possible prize is double the Loyalty Points on selected games of that round.

Loyalty Points are equivalent to real money.  The more points you accumulate, the more money they are worth.  So, getting double points is a huge bonus.  Also, when you have accrued enough Loyalty Points you enter the VIP Club which regularly has its own large set of gifts, bonuses, and other perks.

How to Unlock Treasure Chests

By this time, you are ready to qualify for all 22 treasure chests by playing Pharaoh’s Treasure because everyone wins at All Slots.  There is only one basic rule for actually unlocking your treasure chests but it’s very important.  You qualify to unlock treasure chests in one round and unlock them in the following round.  If you forget, and miss the deadline of claiming your treasure chests, you will lose them.  So, keep a handy record of the number of treasure chests you have qualified to unlock and remember to claim them in time.

To claim them you go to the Pharaoh’s Treasure promotion page and click on “unlock my treasure”.  It’s that simple!

At All Slots it’s Easy to Find Enough Games to Qualify

Ha, ha, ha!  This is the understatement of the year!  All Slots has hundreds of games and you can play every one of them to get in your required ten bets per game.  In addition to having possibly the biggest collection of video slots, All Slots has many variations of every other casino game you may or may not know, such as, blackjack, video poker, roulette, craps, and many more.  In addition, All Slots has a large selection of arcade games which are a pleasant diversion after a session playing a traditional casino game.

Make June your Month to Travel to All Slots Casino

There are fully 22 treasure chests waiting for you to unlock them.  Keep the schedule of rounds handy so you qualify to unlock all 22.  Laugh out loud if you must but, for we Canadians, perhaps there are 23 treasure chests.  Maybe the contents in chest 23 is the magic Mike Babcock will use to turn the Maple Leafs around!  Remember, in Pharaoh's Treasure-everyone wins at All Slots!