PayForIt Deposit Method

If you're looking for the best payment method for your online casino gambling activities, turn to the PayForIt ewallet which presents an internationally-accepted pre-paid card for all of your casino gaming. Using a PayForIt card allows you to make your casino deposits and withdraw your money at any time and from any location without linking your gaming enterprises to your personal banking or credit data.

Online gamblers in Canada can use any of the wide range of alternative deposit methods for Canadians, but the PayForIt card is one of the most expedient options. Using the prepaid PayForIt card, you can facilitate all of your casino transactions quickly and easily, with no direct link to your personal banking institution. Casino advisors note that it's important to use safe ewallets or other secure payment methods in order to protect your earnings and the PayForIt card is one of the best alternatives available. Using a PayForIt ewallet card allows you to gamble in private and monitor your transactions electronically so you can ascertain, in a moment, where you've made your deposits or purchases and your card's current balance.

Safe eWallets

When you use the PayForIt Deposit Method you can load the card using cash or you can transfer funds from your local bank account, or your credit/debit card, into your casino account for your gaming deposits. Once you've completed your gambling event you can withdraw your winnings back onto your card and then transfer the funds back into your bank account or onto your credit/debit card. Alternately, you can use your casino earnings to make direct online or offline purchases at any of the thousands of Canadian or worldwide merchants who accept the PayForIt card.

PayForIt is a new digital banking solution that was designed to create simple and convenient ebanking options for casino players. Throughout the world, gamers are using the PayForIt card to transfer funds to and from the casino, regardless of their gaming platform. Players who gamble from home can connect to their PayForIt account via the Download Casino which is downloaded into their laptop or desktop PC. The player can then make deposits and withdraw winnings from the comfort of his living room armchair. Flash Casino gamers can facilitate banking transfers on any public console on the casino's website via the Instant Casino.

Mobile gamers find that PayForIt is a great solution that allows them to gamble for real money when they're on the go. The mobile casino supports the PayForIt Deposit Method so if you're playing on your smartphone or tablet you can indicate PayForIt as your preferred payment method when you play for real money on mobile. PayForIt connects to mobile devices via WiFi or cellular connectivity so regardless of where you're located or when you want to play you can facilitate all of your casino banking transactions at your leisure.

PayForIt in CA Currency

Canadians can use the PayForIt solution to conduct all of their banking activities in Canadian dollars. To use PayForIt in CA currency, load your card in Canadian dollars or, when asked for your "preferred currency,"  indicate that you prefer to use PayForIt in CA currency. PayForIt will automatically conduct all of your Internet banking transactions in Canadian dollars, including allowing you to make your deposits in Canadian currency and withdraw your earning in Canadian dollars.

If you decide to use your PayForIt card for purchases at online merchants who are located in other countries, you can facilitate payments using your PayForIt Card. PayForIt will automatically convert your Canadian dollars into the requested currency, using a economical conversion rate.

Getting Started

To use PayForIt for your gaming activities, access a PayForIt card at any of the participating vendors who are located at kiosks, shops and other venues in Canada. You can find the nearest PayForIt ewallet vendor via the site's "Finder" tool which is located on the PayForIt URL homepage.

When you buy your card you'll be able to "load" it with whatever value you wish. There's no need to overload it because you'll always be able to add more funds at your leisure. You can load your funds into the card via a cash payment or a transfer of money from your personal bank account or from your credit or debit card.

Now you're ready to play! Sign into your casino account and choose a game. Click "deposit" to make your first deposit. The casino will automatically ask you to indicate your preferred payment method. Click on PayForIt and submit your PayForIt account details. The casino will create a link between your card and your casino account, allowing you to start gambling immediately.

When you're ready to withdraw your winnings, click "Withdraw" and the casino will send your payouts to your PayForIt card where you'll be able to use them for future gambling activities, to transfer back onto your credit/debit card or into your personal bank account or for any preferred online or offline purchase at PayForIt-supporting merchants.

PayForIt will remain your casino-linked digital bank for future gambling episodes unless you notify the casino, via the casino support line, that you want to change your casino-linked ebank.

Regardless of your location, the time of day or night or your casino platform, you'll be able to conduct your casino banking at your leisure using the PayForIt ewallet card.