When playing at a real money casino in Canada, one of the first things new players need to consider is how they intend to finance their time spent at the online casino and which are the best safe payment methods for Canadians. Factors that players should take into account when choosing a payment method are ease of use, safety and security as well as payment transfers being processed in a quick and timely manner. Canadian players must also make sure that the online casino accepts Canadian dollars.

To this end, more and more Canadian players are opening e-wallet payment accounts. These e-wallet accounts allow players to make money transfers online without the need to divulge private and sensitive information such as credit card numbers or bank details. One of the more popular e-wallets used for online banking in Canada, is Skrill.  Skrill is an e-wallet payment method that was formerly known as Moneybookers.

Skrill has been around for a decade changing the face of the world of online payments. It is accepted in over 20 different countries around the world and is available in 40 different currencies. As more of our lives move to the online domain, it is important that there exists a reliable, safe and secure method with which to transfer payments online.


When opening an account at the online casino, a short review of the online casino directory will reveal whether the specific online casino accepts Skrill as an online payment method. Because of their reputation as being safe, reliable and easy to use, there are in fact many casinos that accept Skrill as a casino banking option.

Skrill is a safe and trusted name among players at the Canadian online casino and it is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. Once the player has opened up a Skrill account online, he simply chooses Skrill as a payment method at the online casino of his choice and there is no need to provide any further personal information to the online casino operators.

Once the player chooses Skrill as his payment method, he decides how many credits he wishes to purchase at the casino, and the payments will arrive almost instantly. Winnings can be deposited back into the players’ Skrill account or they can be used to purchase more credits at the online casino.


  • Signing up for Skrill is both easy and straight forward.  Once the players has signed up and opened an account they can be playing at an online casino almost instantly.
  • When using Skrill as a payment method at the online casino, the player is secure in the knowledge that all of his personal and financial data are protected. No bank details need be shared with the online casino and no other party can take advantage of any sensitive data. Skrill is also regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the United Kingdom.
  • Skrill allows players to transfer money internationally and the currency is converted automatically. All transfers are made instantly. There is even an option of obtaining a pre-paid MasterCard that can be attached to the player’s Skrill account.
  • Because there are very little costs related to Skrill transactions, a lot of the online casinos will also offer extra bonuses for players who use the Skrill banking method. The number of online casinos supporting players using the Skrill payment method is very large, so you're not confined to a small number of casinos. In fact, many casinos offer extra bonuses to players using the Skrill method so check this out before signing up at the casino.    
  • The Skrill website is very easy to navigate and user friendly. It is fast and straightforward to open an account and there are a number of different payment options that are available for funding the Skrill account. There is a customer representative available around the clock at the Skrill support centre for any questions or queries the customer may have.
  • Because the player decides how much money he wishes to transfer to his Skrill account, he has greater control over how much money he will spend at the online casino. When the money in the Skrill account runs out, the player knows that his time at the casino is up until he deposits more into his Skrill account.


Thousand of players at the online casinos in Canada use Skrill in order to manage their online casino accounts. Skrill is a great payment method for players who either do not own a credit card or who would prefer to not use their credit or debit card when playing at the online casino.

The Skrill registration process is both fast and simple and once completed the player need only enter his email address and password when transferring funds from his Skrill account to the online casino. Once the player has added funds to his Skrill account he simply chooses Skrill as his payment method of choice at the casino. The funds are transferred almost immediately into the player's casino account.

The ease and speed of use, the fact that when depositing funds into a Skrill account from the bank account there are no fees involved and the strong level of security, make it easy to understand why Skrill is such a popular choice for online casino banking in Canada.