The electronic payment services also known as e-wallets have changed the face of the online casino by offering players a way to make payments online without having to use traditional methods such as a bank transfer or a credit card. One of the most popular e-wallets in Canada today is Instadebit.

Instadebit is one of the deposit methods accepted at the majority of the Canadian online casinos. It has become a firm favourite among both online casino players as well as the online casino operators.

Instadebit was established in 2003 and it operates similarly to a debit card. The player needs to simply sign up for an account and then provide his bank details. After the player has signed up for his account, he can select the amount that he wishes to transfer to his online casino account by providing the casino with an email address and the password that he received when he opened his account. The player does not need to directly fund his account in any way as the money is drawn directly from the player’s bank account.

Instadebit can be used in many countries around the world and it offers a completely safe way of transferring money between the player’s bank account and the online casino account. The player is also able to withdraw his winnings back to his bank account using the same account.


The Instadebit card is totally free to sign up for. There are also no further fees for future transactions. The sign up for the Instadebit card at the website involves the player answering a series of questions to verify his identity. The sign up itself will only take a couple of minutes and after verifying his email address, the sign-up is complete and the player is then immediately able to begin using his account when banking at any online casino.

Once the player transfers money from his Instadebit account to the online casino, he will receive an immediate notification and the money will immediately appear in his online casino account. The Instadebit account can be funded by only two methods and these are either a personal checking account or a savings account. The method is much like writing a cheque or using a debit card. Withdrawals are then sent back into the bank account through the same method.


Instadebit for Canadians at the online casino has become particularly popular in recent years. It is a payment system that is accepted at the majority of the Canadian online casinos and it is one of the safe e-wallets for online casinos today. Instadebit is also easy to use and it is convenient as you can use the same system to both deposit and withdraw your funds.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of using Instadebit is the knowledge that all of your personal banking details will remain safe and secure. This is especially comforting for players who may be nervous due to the frequent instances of online fraud and identity theft. The only time that players need to divulge personal banking details is at the time of the actual sign up at Instadebit, after this the only information that must be transferred to the online casino is the details of the Instadebit casino account only.

A further advantage to the Instadebit customer is that the service is totally free of charge. There is no fee necessary to register and there are absolutely no additional deposit or withdrawal charges at all.

The ease of use, the promise of security and safety and the fact that there is a 24hour support centre for any problems the Instadebit customer may encounter, makes it easy to understand why Instadebit is such a popular payment choice for players at the Canadian online casino.