Game of Thrones Online Slots 

The great Microgaming house of gaming software has created the Game of Thrones online slots game, adapted from one of the all-time biggest television hit series.  The television series takes you to the dangerous land of Westeros where intrigue abounds, where humans fight for the power of the throne while battling the elements and the fantastical.

Now you can play Game of Thrones slots game  at your online casino in Canadian dollars.  It captures the mood of the series perfectly with dragons, eggs aflame, and wolves plus subtle extras such as the parchment that underlays the symbols and the Royal House symbols which have all been carved out of stone.  The music bears special mention.  The extraordinary soundtrack from the series is replicated in stunning fashion in the Game of Thrones slot.  It sounds like a full orchestra playing.  Who knows?  Maybe it is! 

You will truly feel that you are on a quest yourself for the Iron Throne as you traverse the dangerous Four Kingdoms and, as an additional incentive to stay the course no matter the obstacle, you can make money playing Game of Thrones online slots, $121,000 to be exact!

There are two formats to the Game of Thrones slot game: fifteen paylines or 243 ways to win, both of which are available to you to play in Canadian dollars.  You will have fewer but larger wins in the fifteen paylines format; but you have much better chances for a truly big win in the bonus area with the 243 ways to win format.

Stunning Graphics

We’ve already touched upon the exceptional graphics of the Game of Thrones slots game.  The graphics simply had to be magnificent given the intensely visual nature of the series.  In the series, even the most mundane conversation has a feeling of foreboding.  The regular symbols are all exquisitely drawn.   Here you will meet many of the characters from the series plus symbols of the life led by heavily armored soldiers and women as cunning as they are beautiful.

Wild Symbols

Game of Thrones online slots offers all of the slots bonuses you have come to expect from Microgaming.  The Wild symbol replaces all other symbols except the Scatter.  The Wilds also stack three-high.  This feature is often seen only in the bonus area of most slots but in Game of Thrones, it’s a standard feature.  This increases your winning chances in the basic game making Game of Thrones less volatile in the basic format.  Considering just how volatile life is in the Four Kingdoms and in the bonus area of the slot game, the low level of volatility in the basic game is a bit of a relief. 

Scatter Symbol and Slots Bonus Rounds

The Scatter Symbol is the Iron Throne itself.  When only two appear, a ferociously burning dragon's egg shoots out of the screen and you receive a small cash award for having come close to the bonus area. Then, you get three Scatter symbols and the latent force of the Four Kingdoms comes into the forefront.   Three Scatter symbols send you to the bonus area, where each Royal House’s flag flies taut in the fierce Westeros wind!  First the castles appear, one by one.  When combined with the music, you get the deep sensation of immense power vying with equally immense power.

Here you feel the intense competition between the Royal Houses.  You are being asked to choose between the Houses, to serve them, as it were, to become intertwined with the House’s destiny!  You can choose from any of the Royal Houses but the rules that apply differ from house to house.

  • If you choose the House of Baratheon you receive 8 free spins and a five times multiplier.  The House of Baratheon Sigil Symbols stack three high.
  • You may decide to choose the House of Lannister.  You receive 10 free spins.  In this house the multiplier is four times.  The House of Lannister Sigils symbols stack four-high!
  • If you opt for the House of Stark you will run with the wolves.  You are entitled to 14 free spins with a three times multiplier.  The House of Stark Sigils Symbols stack five high!
  • Finally, you may go to the House of Targaryen.  When you choose this Royal House, you soar with the dragons.  We urge you to make good use of the 18 free spins, the two times multiplier, and the House of Targaryen Sigil Symbols which stack six high!

If, during your free spins, you get three Iron Throne Scatter symbols, you will retrigger the bonus.  Clearly, if you have even modest luck, you will escape the Four Kingdoms with a tidy sack of gold.

Gamble Feature

You can double your winnings by choosing the gamble feature.  You choose heads or tails on the Braavosi coin.  If the coin flips your way, you double your winnings.  But beware...if you choose incorrectly, you lose it all.

Feel the Intrigue

Game of Thrones is another in Microgaming’s set of adapted slots.  It will thrill everyone from the most dedicated Game of Thrones television series fan to players who are new to the theme.