Canadians Welcome to Growing Mobile Gaming Casinos

Big Kahuna Mobile Slots has now been added to the growing library of mobile games for Canadians.  All the classic online casino games are available on mobile and there are new mobile slots becoming available every day as software developers continue to refit their great desktop slots for mobile.  In addition, you can play casino and mobile slots in Canadian dollars.  You no longer need to convert your Canadian money into American dollars or Euro.

Big Kahuna Mobile Slots Keeps you Warm

Big Kahuna has been a favorite slots game for Canadians since 2004, regardless of the season.  The six moist fruits, nurtured by the warm tropical sun and sweet, plentiful tropical rain, will evoke warm sensations throughout your body.  All the more reason to play Big Kahuna Mobile Slots as you can take the tropics with you everywhere, no matter how many degrees below zero the thermometer reads!  So this winter, more than ever before, you can stay warm as Big Kahuna gives you the chance to make money playing mobile slots.

The Game

Big Kahuna Mobile Slots gives you five reels and nine paylines.  In addition to the six juicy fruits, you will meet Slippery Lizard, whose tongue constantly darts out of his mouth, perhaps to steal a fruit from your hands!  Beware!  Mr. Monkey has a goofy grin, all teeth, spread across his friendly face.  His face and smile give him the humorous appearance of a clown and his abundance of gleaming white teeth will make you envious of his dentist but, as you will soon see, the monkey’s smile will send waves of warmth coursing through your winter-weary Canadian bones!

The volcanoes lend an air of doom to the otherwise idyllic mood.  Two volcanoes are no need for concern but three volcanoes require you put your emergency preparations into action.  When three volcanoes come up on the same spin, you can win a substantial reward if you successfully counter the danger with brilliant defensive maneuvers.

The Chief is always around to keep everyone under control and receive your offerings. The masks are rendered in the most artistic manner to further enhance the aboriginal tropical muse.

Wilds and Scatters

The Big Kahuna logo is the Wild.  It completes wins with the fruits.  If you get five Wilds in a row, you win an $8000 jackpot multiplied by your original bet.  Since the maximum bet per payline is $5, the five-Wild jackpot is potentially worth $40,000! 

The monkey is the Scatter symbol.  In the Land of the Big Kahuna, the Scatter doesn’t send you to the bonus rounds.  But it pays well.  The monkey pays in all positions, unlike the other symbols which pay from left to right only.


The greatest dramas are played out in the bonus rounds.  You need to be ready at all times because the tropical paradise you are visiting is in constant danger if three volcanoes show up in a row.  The Volcano Bonus is the first of the two bonus games.  Three volcanoes signal an imminent big bang, and a fierce storm is raging atop the volcanoes.  The natives are counting on you to appease the volcanoes.  They bring you five fruits.  The Chief is there looking stern and serious but secretly fearful for the future of his Kingdom.  You brave the drenching, tropical downpour (perhaps you revel in it!) and choose one fruit and one only to quiet the volcanoes by ritual sacrifice.   Any fruit you choose quiets the volcanoes but perhaps only temporarily.  The natives pay you with their deepest thanks for your sacrifice, but they know that the volcano may not be quiet for long.   Depending on geologic conditions in the Land of the Big Kahuna plus the vicissitudes of the Random Number Generator, you may find yourself returning to the Volcano Bonus again and again!

When three hand carved masks appear in a row from left to right you go to the Mask Bonus.  There you will see ten other masks, each beautifully carved in the manner of the ancients.  Before beginning the bonus round, give the masks the once over and marvel at the artistic skill shown them!   Then you have to choose masks, one at a time.  Each mask represents a specific cash bonus.  If you choose well you will garner an excellent bonus award.  But one mask hides the “collect” sign.  When you select that mask, you collect up all your winnings and come back to the basic game.

If you are so unlucky as to choose the “collect” mask before you’ve won anything, the natives will give you a small reward anyway.  They appreciate your bravery in facing the volcanoes and this is their way of showing it!

Go Mobile Young Man

Winter in Canada can be relentless.  How better to fend off the wintry chill than with Big Kahuna Mobile Slots, a blast of the tropics with tasty fruit, clever lizards, toothy but rewarding monkeys, drenching but warm rainstorms, fiery volcanoes, magnificent hand carved masks, and the solemn Chief and his loyal people, deeply thankful to you for your bravery.